on Facebook Intersex: No Reckoning, No Reconciliation! The onslaught never stops (2): Virtually every time takes part in an UN Treaty body session, we're confronted with one or more trans or LGBT NGOs instrumentalising the pain and suffering of intersex children submitted to IGM as a means to their own ends, and – hand in glove with State parties constantly pinkwashing IGM practices when questioned by UN Committees – seriously damaging intersex human rights at the UN in the process.

Typical examples of big-money agencies and NGOs exploiting IGM for LGBT politics include UNFE New York, Amnesty London, EU-FRA, and ILGA. "LGBT Denmark” is another typical example of a national LGBT organisation and ILGA member abusing intersex children as cannon fodder for LGBT politics at the UN.

“Insight” Ukraine: Stealing intersex people's words to better abuse them

Today's salient example is taken from the review of Ukraine at the 66th session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

It concerns an NGO report “LBTI People in Ukraine” (relevant full quotes here) and a subsequent Committee briefing by the  Ukranian LGBT NGO “Insight”, a self-styled “LGBTQI organisation” obviously without actual intersex representation or advocacy, and a member of ILGA Europe:

• First, in the report (p. 8) “Insight” shamelessly stole and plagiarised the words of Ukrainian intersex advocate Julia Pustovit – conveniently omitting the part where Pustovit explictly states, “I am against adding the ‘I’ to LGBT.”  (full quote) – Check.

• In addition, the “Insight” report also “(trans-)sexualised” Pustovit's one-paragraph statement on the current practice in the Ukraine by adding two phrases including the word “sex” not contained in the original statement, first claiming the surgeries would be offered “to make it easier to determine the sex”, and second narrowing Pustovit's demand for intersex people to decide for themselves to the one aspect most relevant for LGBT and Trans persons, i.e. “decid[ing] what sex to be”. – Check.

• Then, in the subsequent NGO briefing to CEDAW, the “Insight” representative unsurprisingly omitted intersex and IGM altogether – only asking for recommendations on “LGBTI” instead – i.e. exactly, what Pustovit had warned of! – Check.

• Already the “Insight” report (p. 8) totally failed to adequately address IGM as a “harmful  practice” (CEDAW art. 5 in conjunction with CEDAW-CRC General recommendation/comment No. 31/18 “on harmful practices”) – the crucial CEDAW human rights framework under which the Committe issued all previous recommendations condemning IGM as a serious violation – but rather focused on promoting frameworks more useful for LGBT and gender politics instead, namely “discrimination [...], legal gender recognition and health issues”. – Check.

• As a consequence, there were no questions by the Committee on intersex and IGM to the Ukrainian Delegation during the session, and therefore also no recommendations in the Concluding observations. – Check.

• Even worse, such harmful misrepresentation and instrumentalising of intersex and IGM by national LGBT and Trans NGOs at the UN seems to be encouraged and supported by international big-money LGBT NGOs, for example ILGA: When we alerted a representative attending the session to the plagiarism in the “Insight” report, all we got was a shrug. – Check.

Conclusion: BINGO!!! Yet another LGBT NGO shamelessly abusing the pain and suffering of intersex children as a means to an end for LGBT politics and their own gain! Shame on you!!!!!

How much longer?!!

Instrumentalising Intersex Is NOT A Victimless Crime!

>>> Intersex human rights at the UN are under attack!!!

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