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INTERSEX BODY SHAMING IN THE MEDIA: "Hitler’s extensive genital abnormalities" (PinkNews) "could [explain] his famed fits of rage", but today "there is a surgical procedure that can correct the problem." (Telegraph) on Facebook Intersex: No Reckoning, No Reconciliation! An alarming media trend: After last December's similar 'revelations' by the Bavarian State Archive and in the Berlin newspaper "Die Welt" (in german, TRIGGER!!), here comes yet another 'random' media article in a 'respectable outlet' + online rehashs that again associate Hitler with various medical intersex diagnoses in a very bad, inappropriate and irresponsible way – and that publicly advocate Intersex Genital Mutilations (IGM).

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This time initiated by "The Telegraph" (TRIGGER!!) and picked up by "PinkNews", the reports are again based on conveniently 'rediscovered medical files' in a (this time actually not so) newly published book which allegedly 'prove' that Adolf Hitler had been diagnosed with one or several intersex traits, including 'undescended testes', 'hypospadias' and 'micropenis', and the reports once more insinuate such "extensive genital abnormalities" would likely "go some way to explaining Hitler’s [insert whatever]" ("", TRIGGER!!), or "offer some explanation as to [...] the cause of his famed fits of rage" ("Telegraph", TRIGGER!!), or "go down in history as the ultimate example of micro penis over compensation" (Reader comment by TampaZeke on "PinkNews", TRIGGER!!), and more assorted intersex shaming, dehumanising and debasement.

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"The surgery to correct hypospadias is most effective if the condition is diagnosed early" (Telegraph hypospadias tie-in)

In addition, "The Telegraph" features a tie-in article on 'hypospadias' (TRIGGER!!) in which "hypospadias specialist and researcher" Dr Matthew Jackson (Newcastle University) publicly advocates Intersex Genital Mutilations (IGM): "Surgical correction can be undertaken in early childhood by paediatric urologists", despite admitting that there's no evidence for the beneficience of the often very harmful 'surgical corrections', and despite the fact that hypospadias is an admittedly "benign condition that is WAS not [a] life threatening condition and men with hypospadias may be MIGHT HAVE BEEN happy with their penis the way it is WAS and choose WOULD HAVE CHOSEN not to have any treatment" – there, fixed that for ya!

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My 2 cents: Shame IGM perpetrators, NOT intersex bodies!

Personally, I dont give a flying f**** if Hitler was intersex or not – and even if he actually was, this certainly wouldn't in any way 'explain Hitler', nor his 'monstrosity', nor the the war, nor the shoah – so dear media and reporters, kindly stop the cr*p!!

And if for whatever reasons you still really MUST pair intersex and nazis(m), instead of engaging in intersex shaming, dehumanising and debasement, >>> here are some relevant but tellingly underreported 'stories' including references (PDF, p. 51–53 + 84, TRIGGER!!) (underreported in both media and academia, that is), including:

  • How the term intersex was coined to describe "bastardisation due to racial mixing"
  • How proto-nazi and eugenicist gynaeologists introduced the term intersex into human medicine as a diagnosis for "inferior women" prone to mental illnesses ("schizoid"), "unfit for marriage" and "most frequent in Jews".
  • How a prominent nazi doctor in 1933 first combined amputation of an "enlarged clitoris" with administration of hormones on an intersex person, claiming "in the interest of the public the procreation of this being would hardly be desirable."
  • How the 'nazi bible of racial hygiene' described 'undescended testes', 'hypospadias', '(pseudo)hermaphroditism' and 'intersex' as "hereditary disease", "consequence of racial mixing" or "abnormal mutation", either way to be 'cleansed from the population' (>>> more in german)

>>> The Racist Roots of Intersex Genital Mutilations (IGM)
Selective Intersex Abortions: Hypospadias 2%, Indeterminate Sex 47%, XXY 74% 
>>> Hypospadias: "Childhood filled with pain, surgery, skin grafts, and isolation"
>>> VIDEO: 'Unnecessary & Harmful': Tiger Devore on 'Hypospadias Repair' (Pt. 1)

Intersex Protests vs. 'D$Dnet' highlight 'Hypospadias Repair' 
>>> "An assault on children": From "Hypospadias Cripple" to "Failed Hypospadias"

Intersex Genital Mutilations
Human Rights Violations Of Children With Variations Of Sex Anatomy

2014 NGO Report to the UN Committe on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
Documents 17 Forms of IGMs and Nazi-Crimes a.o. in CH, D, A
>>> Download PDF (3.65 MB)    
Table of Contents

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• IGM: A Survivor's Perspective • Intersex Movement History
• What are Variations of Sex Anatomy?  • What are IGM Practices?
• IGM and Human Rights  • Conclusion: IGM is a Harmful Practice
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Eliminating IGM practices by holding the perpetrators accountable via well-established applicable human rights frameworks, including Inhuman Treatment and Harmful Practices – Presentation @ UN expert meeting on Intersex Human Rights in Geneva 26.–27.10.2015
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