STOP Intersex Genital Mutilations in Children's Clinics!

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URGENT Call to sign Open Letter to I-DSD + Associated Intersex Genital Mutilators

IGM = Torture, NOT 'Discrimination' or 'Gender Identity' on FacebookDear fellow campaigners, friends and allies

In 2016, Denmark has been reprimanded by the UN Committee against Torture for allowing Intersex Genital Mutilations to continue with impunity. Nonetheless, the daily mutilations continue, and next week IGM doctors from allover will flock to the Rigshospitalet Copenhagen for the '6th I-DSD Symposium 2017' (More info + all the dates see here).

Therefore, we are going to hand in another Open Letter to participating and affiliated doctors, medical and 'research' organisations, DSD Clinics, Universites, Government and other public bodies on occasion of peaceful protests, and ask everybody to sign it.
You can find the draft of the Open Letter (PDF) online here:

How to sign:

Please send us an email to (replace _at_ by @) with your:
  - name,
  - city,
  - country, and
  - organisation (if applicable)
so we can add your name to the list of signatories in the Open Letter!

(In case you want to sign the letter not on behalf of your organisation, but in personal capacity, just add something like 'Personal Capacity, Affiliation given for identification purposes only' behind your name and organisation, and we'll add this in the letter.)

Please spread this invitation to other parties and individuals concerned. So there will be as many signatures as possible.

Please respond quickly! Thanks for adding your signature to let the doctors know that it's NOT OK to cosmetically alter intersex children's genitals!

Kind regards

Daniela "Nella" Truffer, Markus Bauer
Founding members human rights NGO /
Mobile +41 (0) 76 398 06 50 

IGM = Torture, NOT 'Discrimination' or 'Gender Identity' on FacebookCopenhagen 29.06.-01.07.2017:
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